[K]udos to Alex!  


She never became flummoxed by the delays or getting handed off from [one managing editor to another]. Like Old Man River, she just kept rolling along. 

Paul Selfa

Senior Editorial Manager, Social Studies|Educational Publishing

Aptara, Inc

Originally intended as a proofreader, Alexandra was so much more. . . . Her participation improved the book in countless ways readers would only notice by her absence.

Michael Haupt

Aviation Chicago Timeline

She is thoroughly organized, forward-thinking, meticulously efficient in outlining goals and having a game-plan in place to achieve them. She remains flexible and maintains her sense of humor. I'll always choose Alexandra to be on any project that I supervise.

Amit Shah

Managing Director and Founder

Green Comma

A PRO. Highly recommended!

Jessica Payne

Strategy for Impact|The Power of Brand Organics

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