[K]udos to Alex!  


She never became flummoxed by the delays or getting handed off from [one managing editor to another]. Like Old Man River, she just kept rolling along. 

Paul Selfa

Senior Editorial Manager, Social Studies|Educational Publishing

Aptara, Inc

She is thoroughly organized, forward-thinking, meticulously efficient in outlining goals and having a game-plan in place to achieve them. She remains flexible and maintains her sense of humor. I'll always choose Alexandra to be on any project that I supervise.

Amit Shah

Managing Director and Founder

Green Comma

Alexandra knows her way around a manuscript. She has the experience working with authors to navigate the emotional aspects of writing, which is at least as important as being able to polish up the words on the page.  Her strongest skill is that she listens and takes time to understand before offering anything.  Then she helps map put a clear way forward, or offers actionable suggestions. . . . I have always considered myself a writer; now I see myself as an author.

Ann Murdoch

Public Speaker

Originally intended as a proofreader, Alexandra was so much more. . . . Her participation improved the book in countless ways readers would only notice by her absence.

Michael Haupt

Aviation Chicago Timeline

Somewhere deep inside all writers is is the human element of self-doubt. Alex chases my self-doubt away by providing me with a backstop to make sure the manuscript flows and reads well. The reassurance I receive just knowing that she has my back is invaluable.

Rebecca Wallace

Wings of Change Publications

A PRO. Highly recommended!

Jessica Payne

Strategy for Impact|The Power of Brand Organics