Introducing Writer's Ed
Write, publish, and produce your first (or next!) book without overwhelm, anxiety, or costly mistakes. Introducing Writer’s Ed — Guidance, Support, and Community for determined nonfiction authors.

If you’re an entrepreneur, activist, personality, coach, or consultant, you already know you need a book. You can’t amplify your message and change the world without one. Moreover, if you’re here, I’m guessing you’ve already envisioned holding your own written words in your hands, adding it to your resumes and pitches, and getting that prime speaking gig. Right? (Be warned: If you’re writing a book solely to make money, this group isn’t for you.)

And yet, here you sit without your book — and it’s not your fault. Although your desire and need for a book are both crystal clear, the path to producing, publishing, and promoting one is anything but. In fact, most people just like you never bridge the gap between writer and author.


Concepts sit in Trello boards, gathering dust. Drafts remain in their napkin or notebook form. Your book gets put off until next year — again.

Not anymore. This time you have Writer’s Ed.


The Secret to Book Success
The secret to book success is all over the best travel stories. The main character has company — the Wizard of Oz, the Muppet Movie, the Lord of the Rings, Thelma and Louise. 


In their moment of need, the guide, the companion, the sounding board, the expert, the cheerleader, the right-hand person (or Muppet) is there to smooth the way, avoid disasters, and keep the hero moving and accountable.


The hero never truly goes it alone. Why should you?

The Kermit to Your Fozzie, the Gandalf to Your Frodo

Hi, I’m Alexandra Uth of Loomis and Lyman. I’ve been a professional editor and book advisor for over 30 years and I’ve spent the last two years listening to what nonfiction writers truly want.

They want guidance — someone to help them navigate their publishing path.
They want community — writing is a lonely task.
They want support — a group where they can ask questions, test ideas, and celebrate accomplishments.


Writer’s Ed is the only community of its kind that specifically addresses these needs — and all for only $1/day and no mortal peril.


"I was going at it alone, with no one to bounce ideas off of and give me feedback and constructive suggestions. I have asked some friends for their thoughts, but they only offered positive encouragement, which is nice, but not the objective feedback I need."

— Ann Murdoch, Public Speaker

Ann ran into a problem most writers face: They're going it alone. When they do reach out, it's usually to friends who are well-intentioned but don't have publishing experience or expertise. She needed GCS.

While most travelers have GPS to guide them, in Writer’s Ed you’ll have GCS: guidance, community, support. 


Guidance provided by me and my decades of experience in publishing and by fellow members who have traveled before you. 

Community to celebrate, commiserate, and collaborate. 

Support from the community to make your way easier. 


I can’t guarantee singing and dancing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they happen.


How is Writer's Ed Different?
Unlike other communities, Writer’s Ed is intentionally intimate by design (read: small). You will be seen and heard.

Content is crafted to meet members’ needs. Rather than blindly attack task after task, you’re invited to take an active role and ask for precisely what you need.

Writer’s Ed is guided by me, — my friends call me Alex — a person whose mission is to help authors, not smother them. Are my professional services available to members? Yes. Are you expected or required to hire me in a high-ticket capacity? No.

Spend a Dollar a Day on Your Dreams

Alexandra knows her way around a manuscript, and she has the experience working with authors to navigate the emotional aspects of writing . . .  Her strongest skill is that she listens and takes time to understand before offering anything.  Then she helps map put a clear way forward, or offers actionable suggestions. . . . I have always considered myself a writer; now I see myself as an author.

— Ann Murdoch, Public Speaker

Like Ann, you too can go from being a writer to being an author and Writer's Ed is here to help.

How much is a spot in this amazing community? Only $30 a month. 


That dollar a day provides you with a steady stream of:


Monthly Unstuck and Unstoppable calls where you’ll receive the exact kind of feedback you want from me and your writing fellows.


Inspiration, collaboration, guidance, and accountability in our private Facebook community.


Resources, resources, and more resources to make the publishing process less intimidating! Look to Writer’s Ed for introductions to vetted professionals, step-by-step roadmaps, and an ever-growing library of tips, tools, and techniques.


Plus . . .  well, that’s up to you! As a member, you’ll have a say in the new features and perks added monthly.


To Summarize
Join Writer’s Ed today to make the publishing process invigorating — not intimidating!


Monthly Calls

Private Facebook Community

Resources, Resources, Resources!


Only $30/mo 

No hidden fees or agendas. Guilt-free cancellation. I can’t guarantee sales. I can’t guarantee you’ll find an agent. 


I can and will guarantee that if you show up on the calls, follow the plans, use the resources, and ask for the support you need, you’ll go from being a writer to being an author and an authority. 


Moreover, you’ll have fun along the way and end up with a book you’ll be proud (and prepared) to promote. 


If you’re tenacious, dedicated, ambitious, and helpable, Writer’s Ed is specifically designed for you. For less than the price of a scratch-off lottery ticket, it’s a sure winner.

Looking forward to being your travel planner,

Alexandra Uth

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